The use of clay from Guangdong and albite from Hunan always ensures the stability and uniformity of raw materials.

  • Porcelain tiles: water absorption E < 0.5%
  • Tile: 0.5% < E < 3%
  • Fine stoneware: 3% < E < 6%
  • Stoneware brick: 6% < E < 10%
  • Ceramic Bricks: 10% < E Absorption Rate
High quality material Material is Porcelain/Use is Brick/Practical

I have valuable equipment.
I've tried different materials.
Different approaches
Until the most suitable material is found
Only for each piece of elaborate tiles
Every persistent pursuit of home and warmth

  • Environmental Protection
  • High Smoothness
  • Wear-resisting
  • Waterproof
  • Compression Resistance
  • Color Rendering

Every process must have the highest standards.
The products are constantly improving.
Strict process control
Ensure the stability of ceramic tile.
Make the highest quality products.

Automatic Production Line Creativity, perhaps also willing to dedicate, waste the most beautiful years in order to find the most appropriate material. Perhaps the most precious thing is not the waste of material, but the lifetime dedicated by craftsmen to a craft.
  • 7800 ton press: strength guaranteed

    Large tonnage press 7800 tons, special production of 800/1200 large-scale ceramic tile, compact pressed porcelain, forming green body stability and high strength.
  • 650m kiln: sintering ceramization

    Brick blanks are preheated, fired and cooled, and then fired for 70 minutes at 1250 C in a 650-meter roller kiln, and then oxidized into porcelain.
  • 12-Channel Imported Inkjet Machine

    In the era of ceramic tile digital technology, ink-jet machine has stable performance, stable printing quality and wide range of toner design with multiple channels.
  • 30 Years Professional Production Team

    Thirty years of experience, large-scale production, standardized management, mature technology, stable production, provide reliable guarantee.